Preconstruction Services

Our Preconstruction motto?
“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

Every building project at New Valley Construction starts by building strong relationships – between our team and yours – whether owner, design consultant, trade partner, or supplier.  In no other industry is the power of strong, trusting relationships more essential to project success.  So, we want to start every project right – by asking questions…listening …and learning… about your project, your goals and challenges, your expectations of us …right down to how you like to work with your construction partner.

NVC’s Preconstruction Services are focused on planning ahead and getting it right – well before shovel hits the ground.  This means schedules and budgets are met and anticipated challenges resolved before they get to the field.  We provide our Preconstruction Services as a stand-alone service or as part of your Construction Manager or Design-Builder.

Services include:

  • Investigation of Existing Conditions
  • Pre-Planning for Long-Lead Items
  • Evaluation of labor and materials availability
  • Cost Estimating and Budget Development
  • Project Phasing & Scheduling
  • Value Management
  • Constructability Reviews, including MEP Systems and Sitework
  • LEED and Sustainable Design planning and review
  • Permits & Approvals
  • Outreach and prequalification of trade constractors
  • GMP Establishment
  • Coordination of BIM design Services

Cost Estimating

NVC’s estimating experts provide both formal and informal cost estimates throughout this planning phase.  Our Preconstruction experts are just a phone call away, ready to discuss the evolving design and potential impact of design decisions on cost, schedule, and long-term operating budgets.  This process helps to streamline and speed up the design process, further minimizing the potential for change in the field – which result in a high-quality finished project.

Constructability Reviews

During the Design phase, NVC works closely with the Design Team to provide timely feedback on cost, constructability, and material and equipment selections.  This typically includes multiple drawing review periods during the construction document stage, enabling us to provide real-world construction guidance as well as recommendations for value engineering.

Value Management

Our approach to Value Management is a highly efficient, effective, and collaborative process that consistently results in buildings that meet or exceed quality and performance goals.  We provide recommendations with all construction estimates, along with initial costs, life-cycle costs, and schedule impacts of alternative materials and equipment.

Project Scheduling

Understanding the impact of design decisions on cost and schedule is a key goal during Preconstruction.  One of our first steps upon selection is to develop the Master Project Schedule, which is continually refined throughout Preconstruction as the design progresses.